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TAD Devices for Los Angeles, Santa Monica Orthodontic Patients

photo Temporary Anchorage Device

Temporary Anchorage Device’s (TADs) are mini implants or mini screws that are used in combination with braces to move teeth without using other teeth as the anchor. Typically, teeth have been the most commonly used anchor, however this limits both stability and force application, and as a result teeth move in relationship to the adjacent teeth. Using a TAD allows tooth movement to be specific to that area or tooth.

A TAD is placed in order to provide an anchorage point for the movement of your teeth. It provides a stable point from which the force placed on your teeth to initiate their movement can be done. This gives Dr. Nikaeen a greater degree of control over the teeth’s movement. The placing of TADs is quick and performed with the gum tissue and jaw numbed, making it virtually painless. Once in place the TAD can have a huge impact on your orthodontic treatment time, often reducing your time with braces by up to a third. Once your treatment is completed, the device is removed and discarded. When used in tandem with braces, TADs can provide a more ideal finish to help you achieve the smile you’re looking for.  TADs can help with the following issues:

  • Prevent the need for Jaw Surgery
  • Replacing alternative unaesthetic headgear
  • Closing an open bite
  • Opening a deep bite
  • Eliminating the need for rubber bands
  • Providing the ideal finish
  • Reduce your orthodontic treatment by one third
photo patient before and after TADs

Actual patient of Dr. Atoosa Nikaeen corrected
non-surgical using Orthodontics combined with TAD

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