Airway Friendly Orthodontics in Los Angeles

A common misconception is among the people that dentists and orthodontists only deal with the patient’s teeth. But, that is not the truth. Dentists also provide airway orthodontists, which means providing dental care that encourages good breathing and development. This dental care is growth oriented that helps in solving a variety of health issues such as breathing-related sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea.

The positioning of teeth and jaws are connected to sleeping disorders, like obstructive sleep apnea and snoring which is an issue for people of all ages. Due to sleep apnea, many issues are emerged like high blood pressure, stroke attack, depression, diabetes etc. Because of improper breathing, you start to face issues like feeling drowsy all day, breathing through mouth and difficulty in paying attention. Good news is you can get your treatment done by expert airway focus orthodontist in LA  at Nikaeen Orthodontics. We are committed to provide the best airway focus dentist in LA and also face focus orthodontist in LA. Our team of specialists will provide you with exceptional services of air-friendly orthodontics.

What happens during improper breathing?

When you are unable to breathe properly you suffer from unwanted exhaustion. Heart rate speeds up due to the decreased level of oxygen and increased level of carbon dioxide in the blood. This causes restless sleep and other health issues.

We will provide you with the best airway focus dentist in LA to give you different measures of orthodontic treatment in order to improve your breathing airways. This includes treatments like the expansion of jaw, removing tonsils and other obstructive tissues.

Benefits of air-friendly orthodontics

  • This orthodontic treatment helps to optimize airway passages which leads to normal breathing functioning and reduces the possibility of obstructive sleep apnea.
  • It will encourage you to nasal breathing and assist in the natural development of jaw structure.
  • It focuses on clear and open airway aids. It helps in overall sleep and breathing.
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