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How to Prepare Your Skin, Hair and the Body for the Summer

Summer is about to begin and both men and women want to show off their beautiful and toned body, because summer is the best time to display off your revitalized and toned body. If you are concerned about your ill-shaped body, saggy skin and hair concerns prior to getting ready for the summer, then you need not to worry about those concerns. Modern day’s cosmetic surgery has made it possible for us to enhance our appearance and look, as we desire with the implication of several non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures. Uses of several cosmetic procedures like facial rejuvenation, hair transplantation surgery, facelift surgery, Botox, Radiesse, body contouring, spa therapy could make you rejuvenate your vitality, glow and shape of your body.

Up merging demands of undergoing distinct types of cosmetic surgery has given rise to several distinct cosmetic surgeries implying the most advanced and effective procedures. If you want to get the most out of a facial cosmetic surgery at Greenwich, CT, you must visit NicholsMD of Greenwich, which is operated by Dr. Kim Nichols. Dr. Nichols offers a comprehensive treatment program on non-invasive and minimally invasive facial cosmetic surgery such as Botox, Fillers, Laser Hair surgery, Laser reconstructive surgery, facial and leg veins, non-invasive fat reducing process, Rhinoplasty and many more. NiocholsMD of Greenwich’s founder Dr. Nichols is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who takes the utmost care whilst performing your cosmetic surgery delivering stunning results. If you are suffering from severe skin disease commonly known as Keloid scars, composed mainly from Type (III) and Type (I) collagen, then you must undergo the procedure of Cryoshape to heal your skin concern. New York Board certified cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Morris Westfried. M.D. being the creator of the surgery performs the Cryoshape procedure that is cutting-edge hand-held cryosurgical equipment. It destroys the underlying deep tissue through the intralesional intervention by implying very cold cryoprobe. Compared to the other scar removing techniques, this process requires only one session to be undergone and requires no downtime to heal. “For the first time, CryoShape is offering patients and physicians a long lasting and predictable solution to treat disfiguring scars rapidly and effectively. I have been able to achieve dramatic reductions in the size and thickness of keloid and hypertrophic scars. Most importantly, the scars have not returned, even after months of follow-up visits.” – Dr. Morris Westfried.

If you are concerned with your scalp problems and skin care at the same time, Dr. Marder’s soothing botanical complex is the right treatment for you. Scalp is directly connected to your skin and any issues with your scalp may bring direct adverse effects to your skin. Dr. Gary Marder offers a comprehensive scalp-treating program, which entails dandruff, biotechnology solutions for your hair and scalp. Dr. Marder’s soothing botanical chemicals and solutions is the ultimate solution for all your hair scalp problems.

If you are looking for a perfect beauty care solution, then there is no such alternative to Beauty In The Bag. Beauty In The Bag team boasts some of the world’s most prominent and renowned beauticians, who are ready to restore back your lost glow and a perfect, stunning face. Wendy Lewis, who is the founder of Beauty in the Bag, has been striving hard since 2008 to deliver a perfect beauty solution and guides on what’s hot in the beauty industry. Beauty in the Bag comprises of some of the most proficient cosmetic surgeons like age management surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists, facialists, hair colorists, aestheticians and many more. Some of the most esteemed beauticians are namely, Ellen Marmur, Peter Thomas Roth, Karen Behnke, Wendy Lewis and many more. If you are concerned with your skin wrinkles, acnes, dull patches and other skin irregularities, then Proderma Skin Care products brings you the most effective skin care remedy. Proderma beauty care products introduces anti-wrinkle cream, anti-aging cream, anti-acne cream that helps you to get rid of wrinkles, acne, fine lines, redness, puffiness and other sorts of skin irregularities which may disrupt your glowing beauty. The products from Proderma beauty care are FDA approved and has no adverse effects upon usage. These anti-acne and anti-wrinkle creams stimulate the blood circulation of the skin, thereby reducing all wrinkles and other forms of irregularities. Proderma beauty care products unlike the other beauty care creams never suffocates your skin and makes sure the underlying skin is maintained and nourished to carry out with long-term potential results. Being FDA approved, you do not have to worry about skin inflammation and any other bruise marks on your skin. Proderma Breathless Foundation is an awesome plastic surgery recovery product, which accelerates the healing process and keeps the desired results long-term. Best of all, Proderma beauty care creams are water and sweat resistant that ensures you can keep it on your skin throughout the day without the worry of being washed off.

Chicago residents can avail the best skin care solution from Chicago Permanent Cosmetics Center, LLC operated by Elena Astor. Elena Astor is a globally renowned beauty expert having clientele like Hollywood celebrities and exclusive VIP’s of Manhattan, Chicago, England, Germany and many more. Chicago permanent Cosmetics Center specializes on permanent tattoo makeup. Permanent tattoo cosmetics surgery is a very sensitive surgery and requires expert hands to take care of it. Permanent cosmetic is actually the placement of a pigment beneath the skin to enhance the facial appearance. This is a non-surgical process and requires no downtime to heal. It can be used to lift the eyebrows, enhance the facial shape, list the eyes, and provide an enhancing structure of the mouth and several more. Not only this, but also this non-invasive surgery can also enhance the lips and bring a pretty shape of the cheekbones by completing cheek contouring. The results are permanent and the process requires somewhat like three to four hours of time to complete. This process also entails hair restoration surgery that helps people having tendency of losing hair.

What can seeking a specialist do for you?

A specialist is a doctor who expertise and is experienced on a specific subject or niche of medical science. A specialist always makes sure the target surgery or treatment is done in the most professional and expertise unparallel beside manner. Not only this, but a specialist also helps you make sure that you are in safe and experienced hands. It takes years of extensive experience to specialize on a particular treatment niche. That doesn’t mean a regular doctor is inefficacious, but a regular doctor does not specialize in a specific field, which a doctor with a specialty does. The consciousness of the people in their health check-ups and up merging demands of people to be treated from a specialized doctor has facilitated doctors in different medical fields to get their specialization. Cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is one of the most sought after treatment method to the modern day folks. Cosmetic surgery like facelift surgery, breast segmentation, arm lift, thigh-lift, rhinoplasty, eyelift requires expertise hands to perform, because of the complexity of these surgeries, since of these parts being some of the most pivotal sensitive parts of the human body. Even more complicated plastic surgeries like brain surgery, neck surgery or spine tumor surgery requires experienced and specialized surgeon to get their hands on for performing their surgery. The aforementioned surgeries because of being neurosurgeries are pretty critical and even a single mistake or mistreatment may lead to serious and hazardous concerns, which could be life-threatening. A specialized surgeon ensures the entire surgery is carried out with the utmost care and expertise. A specialized doctor needs to go through extensive and comprehensive training before they are given the specialization certifications, which signifies their expertise and in-depth knowledge on conducting the specific treatment or surgery.

Coming to the topic of specialization, MRI is such a pivotal diagnostic procedure that requires expertise and specialized doctors to carry out the procedure, since it creates out an image of your entire body to verify your current health condition. Oakland MRI Center in Troy, Michigan excels in comprehensive diagnostic procedures on its C-arm suite carried out by experienced and specialized doctors. Oakland MRI performs award-winning and astounding diagnosis on comprehensive fields like MRI Imaging, Arthrography, 3D Breast Imaging, Discography, Myelography, DynaCAD Breast diagnosis and several more. Best of all, the disc cope of your MRI is provided on the same day of the diagnosis.

Michigan Brain & Spine Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation in Troy, Michigan is one of the most prolific physical therapy and rehabilitation center to treat brain, spine as well as muscleskeletal problems. Dr. Lucia Zamorano. M.D, a renowned board certified aesthetic surgeon operates this clinical facility and is the first to offer Computer Assisted Surgery, Intraoperative MRI, Gammaknife at her Michigan clinic. Michigan Brain & Spine Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation center offers a wide treatment program that includes knee and ankle rehabilitation, stunning orthopedic treatments, post and preoperative rehabilitation as well as the brain rehabilitation program concludes pre/post-concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury treatments. Every physical therapy and rehabilitation program is tailor made to suffice your needs. Physical therapy at this center comprises of Gait training, personal training, Aerobic conditioning, Myofascial release and many more. Dr. Lucia Zamorano, a board certified cosmetic surgeon, specializes in treating brain tumors, epilepsy, vascular malfunctioning, psychiatric disorders, along with minimal-invasive surgeries like endoscopy, stereotaxis as well as Robotic surgeries. Her facility Michigan Spine & Brain Physical Therapy And rehabilitation Center is the only clinical facility in Michigan, which offers Robotically Assisted Endoscopic Spine Surgery as well as precise spine surgery with the Mazor Robot. Best of all, non-invasive techniques makes sure the treatment is best suited to the patients having disc herniations as well as spinal stenosis. Some of the most renowned treatments here are joint fusion surgical procedure, iFuse Implant system, SI-BONE and many more. Dr. Zamorano ensures you get the highest possible care and treatment at this astounding physical therapy and rehabilitation center. “My philosophy is to provide the best medical care to each patient through the use of and implementation of cutting-edge technologies, effectively optimizing surgical and radiation treatments thus ultimately improving neuro­surgical outcomes.” – Dr. Lucia Zamorano, M.D.

Rhinoplasty, the most sought after cosmetic surgery procedure is a cosmetic surgery of lifting or fixing your nose and at this surgery, the person surpasses everybody’s expectations is Dr. Alexander Rivkin, M.D. Boasted with years of experience and extensive training, Dr. Alexander Rivkin is apparently the most trustworthy and effective surgeon whom you can trust on undergoing a perfect Rhinoplasty. Dr. Rivkin performs a non-invasive Rhinoplasty, which requires no downtime to heal. At his Beverly Hills, Los Angeles clinical facility Westside Aesthetics, Dr. Rivkin performs top graded Revision Rhinoplasty focusing on every single detail to deliver stunning end-results.

If you want to perform the best facelift surgery or facial plastic surgery from specialized surgeons implying the most advanced technology, Profiles Beverly Hills is the ultimate choice you have got. Specialized and experienced facial cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Jason Litner, M.D, FRCSC and Dr. Peyman Solieman, M.D having years of extensive experience and accreditation for their outstanding facial surgery results. Dr. Litner & Solieman implies the most advanced surgical technologies to deliver stunning end-results. Double board certified surgeons Dr. Litner and Dr. Solieman perform mainly 3 types of facelift surgeries at Profiles Beverly Hills namely The Hybrid LiftTM, Mini facelift, and Revision Facelift surgeries. The Hybrid Lift is the most effective surgical method, where the surgeons perform the surgery targeting the deepest underlying facial layer called as SMAS. Advanced micro-fat transfer is also a part of the Hybrid Lift surgical process. Revision Facelift also entails some rapid facelift methods like 3-day facelift surgery, Executive facelift surgery that delivers instant, precise results.

Calves may not be the most pivotal or significant part of the body, but calf muscles are significant and priceless for people, who adore maintaining a perfect body shape, having worked hard at the gym for several hours. Until the invention of calf muscle implantation, attaining satisfactory calf muscles was not an easy factor. With the calf implantation surgery, now you can avail shaped, toned, and tightened calf muscles. Dr. Z Paul Lorenc, M.D, FACS pioneers in calf contouring surgery, which positions the calf muscle well and improves its shape as well as size. The implants implied by Dr. Lorenc are made of softer, silicon that fits well and flawlessly to both sides of the primary calf muscle. This surgery is performed with twilight anesthesia and a tiny incision is made to carry out the implantation. Being a board certified, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Lorenc also performs various other surgeries like facelift, facial cosmetic surgery, body contouring, and different other pivotal cosmetic surgeries.

If you feel the necessity of undergoing a craniofacial surgery, pediatric surgery, facial aesthetic surgery and breast augmentation surgery at one place, Dr. Robert J Morin, M.D performs all these surgeries at his clinical facilities in New York City and New Jersey. Dr. Robert J Morin is a board certified cosmetic dermatologist who specializes in craniofacial surgery, offers a comprehensive treatment program for both adults and children. Starting from rhinoplasty, facial surgery to breast augmentation, nose job and ear correction surgery, all types of cosmetic surgeries are carried out by Dr. Morin at his clinics. Dr. Morin carries out fundamentally sound cosmetic surgeries at his clinics with the most advanced techniques. Dr. Morin is well accredited for his specialization in craniofacial surgery, which entails genioplasty, bone grafting, maxillofacial surgery, trauma and many more. Dr. Morin’s philosophy is that all ‘reconstructive’ procedures are assessed in accordance to their ‘aesthetic’ results.

Plastic surgery is one of the most sought after treatment procedure predominant among the people nowadays. Plastic surgery or aesthetic surgery requires expert hands to conduct with perfection and attain optimum results. Dr. John A Kotis, is one of the most sought after and skilled cosmetic surgeon in the Chicago and Arlington Heights area, for his renowned and innovative surgical procedures. Dr. John A Kotis offers comprehensive surgical programs ranging from facial surgery, to breast augmentation and body contouring to non-surgical cosmetic methods like Botox, Radiesse, Juvederm, Fraxel and many more. Dr. Kotis is a board certified cosmetic surgeon and performs the most precise cosmetic surgery on his patients. Dr. Kotis performs several procedures at his clinic such as facial surgery, facelift, Otoplasty, breast implants, breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, liposuction, abdominoplasty, Botox, Radiesse, Juvederm, Fraxel and many other surgical procedures with the care and expertise.