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Self-Ligating Braces & Invisible Damon Braces in Los Angeles, Santa Monica

photo patient - Dr. NikaeenThe design of self-ligating braces (including Damon Braces and the In-Ovation System) is based on the principal that the force used to reposition teeth should not overwhelm the specialized tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth. Instead, the bare minimum of force should be used to stimulate the cellular activity required for tooth movement.

The elastic bands used with traditional braces act like a bungee cord, placing friction and pressure on the teeth. This pressure also slows down the movement of the teeth.

In contrast, passive, self-ligating braces use special brackets that are nearly frictionless. Los Angeles/Beverly Hills orthodontist Dr. Atoosa Nikaeen offers the Damon Braces System, as well as the In-Ovation System. These braces have a small “trap door” structure, which closes over the arch wires stretching from bracket to bracket. These brackets allow the wire to move more freely and are smaller in appearance than standard braces.

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Dr. Nikaeen uses a hook-like tool to open the trap doors, and then push them closed, once the arch wire is in place. There is almost no resistance between bracket and arch wire, so only a small wire is required to gently move teeth into place.

Self-ligating braces reduce discomfort and treatment time an average of six months. Adjustments are required roughly every 10 to 12 weeks, as opposed to the six-to-eight week cycle necessary with traditional braces.

While self-ligating braces may be slightly more expensive, the reduction in return visits usually evens out the price. Most insurance companies now cover self-ligating braces.


Self-ligating braces are best suited for patients aged 13 to 60-plus. If you qualify for standard braces, you can also wear self-ligating braces. Dr. Nikaeen will help you decide if these are the best braces for your needs.

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