yelp reviews

“The most friendly and helpful place A+! I will recommend friends if they ever need braces!”
Kevin Wang

“Dr. Nikaeen was outstanding in every way, knowledgeable and friendly with tremendous expertise. Staff is excellent. The results speak for themselves. I Love my new smile!”
Michael Ryther
“This is the greatest dental office ever it’s safe, the utensils don’t hurt, and most of all the people working here are amazing. It’s perfect.”
John IIII Moyer
“Everyone at the office made this a very painless and easy experience. I greatly appreciate Dr. Nikaeen going out of her way to make sure I had a perfect smile. (She removed and replaced my attachments for my wedding)”
Bethany Palmer
“I really like my new smile. The whole process from start to finish was super easy. Dr. Nikaeen and her staff are really gentle and always helpful. I appreciate how caring they are, too.”
Olivia F.
“I was kind of upset when I found out I had to get braces but honestly, the whole experience has been pain and hassle-free. I’m always in and out of the office quickly, too. Dr. Nikaeen is great, and the staff and office is professional and really nice.”
Jake F.
“I can only describe my experience with Nikaeen Orthodontics as compassionate and efficient. My smile is everything I had hoped for, and more! I can’t thank Dr. Nikaeen and her staff enough.”
Rachel C.
“My new smile brings out my inner confidence thanks to Dr. Nikaeen and her incredible staff. I am so thankful to have been under their superb care. My smile feels perfect, and I’ve received many amazing compliments from my family and friends.”
Nichole W.
“At the beginning I was worried because I didn’t know what I was getting into. The “Nikaeen Team” made it instead a wonderful, relaxing and enhancing experience. Thank you.”
Darien Donner
“I had fun! I was really excited to get braces when I first came here, now I am just as equally excited to get them off, I Love it here J”
Thai Ramar
“After so many years of postponing treatment, I finally decided to do it and couldn’t have found a better team to see me through. Wearing the braces at times was hard but well worth time and effort. I cannot thank you all enough for your great work and support.”
Jeanette Trejo
“I knew right away after meeting Dr. Nikaeen that I wanted her as my orthodontist. Her and her staff has been friendly, reliable and competent. I’ve trusted having my teeth in Dr. Nikaeen’s hands. Anytime I have a concern she listens.”
Emily Stinson
“I loved Dr. Nikaeen’s approach, and calm, kind manner. The entire team showed great patience with my very sensitive son and his teeth look straight and perfect.”
Nolan Pearce – mother of Nolan
“Thank you everyone! Everyone’s positive attitude was very comforting and inviting. Everyone’s customer service skills have been impeccable. I have no complaints but much gratitude and appreciation for all staff. I also appreciated the monthly reminders of appointments. Thank you to all staff!!! I Love my smile, I feel 100% confident!!!”
Mary Pakaz
“My experience with doctor Nikaeen and her office was absolutely amazing. The staff was wonderful and was very professional. Dr. Nikaeen was very personable and constantly gave positive feedback on my progress. The office itself is very well designed and is very comfortable.”
Dipen Patel
“Hollywood is the home of the entertainment biz. and you definitely need to have the best of the best when it comes to services. Dr Atoosa is a caring, gentle, patient and loving orthodontist that takes special care of her patients. She’s one the best in the business and I have referred talent and entertainment clients to her to receive that special “star” treatment she provides for all of her clients! My daughter and I continue to smile because of the great work she’s done with our teeth.”
Mecca C. and Mamie C.
“Dr. Nikaeen has enabled our two children to have beautiful smiles with straight teeth. She knew exactly when to intervene and how to treat each child’s teeth. She recommended one phase of treatment for our daughter and another for our son, and both were very successful. I cannot believe how much both of my children have benefitted from seeing her. She is professional, warm, and she makes her patients feel comfortable and cared for. In fact, all of her employees are extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful. We would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Nikaeen to anyone in search of a good orthodontist.”
The Gorhams′s for Sean G.
“We have a daughter who went to one of those big name businesses for braces. After four years of going there each month and paying all of the money by which we were contractually obligated, I want you to know, we were very unhappy with the results when the braces were removed. We complained and were told that was the best they could do. We were devastated because her teeth were not right on two counts: (1) occlusion; and (2) cosmetology. We were devastated. Rather than sue a company as large as the one who made these mistakes, we searched around on the internet for local orthodontists and were blessed to find Dr. Nikaeen. This orthodontist was so sensitive to us since we had been ripped off, I asked her to make a written guaranty that she could fix the problems mentioned above. Although it took the removal of four teeth which were in the way, and approximately 12-14 months of braces, my daughter’s teeth are now basically perfect in regard to the two points I have mentioned above. Now she has a boyfriend and looks great. Thank you Dr. Nikaeen. I would recommend this orthodontist to everyone in California. She is very high tech and has never let us down. My daughter’s treatment is actually not completed yet, but you can see the results and they can be proven scientifically. Dr. Nikaeen is a real specialist, is a dedicated professional and is not here to take people for a ride. She put it in writing and she has lived up to her word. Thanks again, Dr. Nikaeen. Also, thank you Anissa for your professionalism and dedication to us the patients, and parents of the patients. I was not paid to write this.”
Michael Puccinelli


Dr. Nikaeen provides patients across Southern California and Los Angeles, from Santa Monica to Beverly Hills, with a comfortable, safe, and warm environment – the ideal setting for beginning your journey to a lasting, beautiful, and healthy smile.