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Integrative Orthodontics – The Alternative to Traditional Orthodontics

Advanced clinical research shows that corrected dentition is susceptible to relapse, when teeth and surrounding muscles (tongue, cheek, lip) and cranial mechanisms (jaws bones) are not in harmony. Science and research identify crowding; poor jaw development; over-bite; open-bite and other malocclusion (bad bite) as symptoms of the problem. Evidence demonstrates that environmental trends and poor oral habits are a dominant factor in poor jaw development and the resulting symptoms of the problem:

open-bite poor jaw poor jaw

Open-bite                                      Under-bite                                    Narrow arches-crowding

Integrative orthodontics treats the whole person, not just teeth. By engaging early childhood development (jaws, oral muscles) and addressing the environmental factors (oral habits, allergies), a child will realize their full healthy adult potential, achieve a beautiful face and smile; at the same time, increase the probability of long-term dental stability.

IO looks at the cause of malocclusion and truly is a preventive health approach!” Dr. Atoosa Nikaeen

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