iTero Digital Impression System

While technology can never replace years of experience, Dr. Nikaeen was keen to learn about this remarkable breakthrough in dental imaging, the iTero Digital Impression System.  Quickly she realized that the system could provide her patients with a more comfortable experience and a more predictable outcome. Dr. Nikaeen is proud to offer the iTero Digital Impression System to Invisalign patients at her Los Angeles dental practice.

What is this new technology?

It is a digital scanner that eliminates uncomfortable and messy PVS impressions, and creates a 3D image of your teeth.

Image of before and after iTero Digital Impression System treatment

How does it work?

A small hand held instrument, “the wand”, is used to capture the structure of the patient’s teeth and gum to create a digital model. Your mouth is scanned with a radiation free laser, and in a few minutes transfers an accurate image of your teeth unto the computer screen. The digital models are then electronically and immediately sent to the Align Company.

What are the advantages?

More comfortable experience

Complete and accurate scans- reducing occurrences of rejected PVS impressions. The Invisalign production team noted a 4% rejection rate with PVS impressions, compared to only 0.4% with iTero.

Quicker results, as the scan can be uploaded immediately and the ClinCheck treatment plans using iTero scans typically are posted 50% faster than for cases requiring shipping of PVS impressions.

Invisalign aligners created with iTero also tend to fit more accurately the first time around. In comparison to PVS impressions, there are seven times fewer fit issues when using the digital scan.
Perhaps most excitingly for patients, iTero allows dentists to simulate the outcome of their Invisalign treatment, providing patients with a visualization of how their teeth may look after treatment.

If you are considering Invisalign, you may wish to consult with a dentist who offers their patients the latest in advanced digital imaging systems. In LA, Dr. Nikaeen, orthodontist, has already seen a huge improvement in patient satisfaction rates when undergoing Invisalign with the iTero Digital Impression System. She is pleased to offer this service to her patients and feels confident that they will see and feel the benefits of the technology. To learn more about how the iTero Digital Impression System can help perfect your smile, contact us today. Our Los Angeles office is conveniently located near Beverly Hills and Santa Monica.

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