What is myobrace? Myobrace is an integrative orthodontic approach that engages early teeth development by addressing the poor oral habits that may cause malocclusion (bad bites). By improving poor muscular habits, children can experience better facial development; achieve their full genetic; improved posture; fewer allergies, and fewer problems with the dental structure and jaw joints (TMJ).


Is myobrace braces? The myobrace system is not braces, but treatment may include other functional appliances, braces or Invisalign. Treatment time is usually comparable to the time required for traditional orthodontics (12 -36 months).

  • What are the goals of Myobrace? The treatment goals are to treat poor oral habits; achieve nasal breathing; correct tongue position (tongue should rest on the hard-upper palate behind the front teeth); lips sealed at rest and no mentalis muscle (central lower lip muscle situated at the tip of chin) movement when swallowing.

  • What are poor oral habits? Mouth breathing; reverse swallowing; tongue trusting; thumb-or-finger sucking; bottle, pacifier; resting tongue between teeth; licking or sucking lips.

  • How easy is the myobrace treatment? The myobrace appliance is worn for one to two hours each day and overnight while sleeping, the treatment is combined with a series of daily ‘myofunctional exercises’. Treatment may include other orthodontics appliances; Dr. Atoosa Nikaeen designs a custom treatment plan for each patient based on their needs.

  • When is the right time to start treatment? Dr. Atoosa Nikaeen starts seeing patients as early as age 7, when the patient is developing, and the first permanent teeth are growing in. However, if poor myofunctional habits are discovered at an earlier age, call 310-444-1113 for a complimentary consultation.

  • What is the cost of mybrace treatment? Myobrace is an appliance and treatment is not limited to the myobrace appliance only, cost is similar to traditional orthodontics and includes myofunctional exercises that assist with eliminating or reducing the bad influences on the patient’s dental and facial development. Like any other orthodontic treatment, compliance is a critical factor in the treatment’s success and because each patient has individual needs, treatment may require other orthodontic mechanics in addition to the myobrace appliance.

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