Biobloc Orthotropics

ORTHOTROPICS was developed in 1966 to guide the forward growth of the upper and lower jaws and comes from the Greek words Orthos (Straight or Correct) and Tropos (growth). Originator, Dr. John Mew, noticed a common pattern between crooked teeth and poor upper jaw bone development. Dr. Mew identifies this as a biological problem associated to cultural evolution as modern man started living indoors, cook frequently using utensils, gained blocked noses from allergies and changed infant feeding methods, less time breast feeding and introduced of soft weaning foods. According to Dr. Mew, the soft food weakened our jaw muscles, the indoor living encouraged allergies while early weaning created abnormal tongue habits and Orthotropists believe that these distort the jaws and teeth.

“Biobloc” is a series of removable orthodontic appliances and some brackets on the front teeth worn full-time.


It is not an easy technique to do – not for the orthodontist, the parent, or the patient, as the treatment requires strict patience, commitment and compliance. But the rewards are so gratifying, it’s called “surgery without the scalpel” (Raphael, nd).

Purpose of Orthotropics:

To reverse the unwanted facial growth that has occurred & redirect growth in a more favorable direction – treats the face, rather than just teeth.

To correct the oral posture that caused the face (teeth) to deviate from the intended growth pattern.

The Purpose of Orthotropics® Is Not To have a primary goal of straightening the teeth.

To have a primary goal of not extracting teeth, long-term retention (without retainers) and gain health advantages, especially for sleep apnea.

When is it ideal to start?

The best possible result is when the child is under age 9, although treatment is possible at any age

How Does Orthotropics work?

The basic steps are:

  • Widen the Upper Jaw.
  • Move the upper front teeth
  • Spread out the lower teeth
  • Moving the upper molars
  • Allowing the lower jaw to close
  • Bring the lower jaw forward
  • Establish proper tongue resting posture and swallowing habits.
  • stablish proper nasal breathing and good breathing dynamics

Hang Expancer Tutorial

Adapt – LGR Appliance Tutorial

Proper Oral Posture, Healthy Sleep & Landing Gear Video

Hang Expancer Orthotropic Treatment

Adapt - Landing Gear Reminder

Adapt - Landing Gear Reminder

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