Light-wire systems

The Light wire systems – ALF or BWS are light wire expanders

Advanced Light-wire

Functional Appliance (ALF)

Bent Wire System (BWS)

ALF addresses tongue position, its effect is a natural arch development; this transformation brings about healthy changes in dental and skeletal development.

The BWS™ allows arch development and anterior dental alignment to be combined without intruding on the natural position of the tongue.

Osteopathy and kinesiology science identifies the ALF appliance as a whole-body-and-mind approach to improve overall health and performance for the child, and future adult.*

*Dr. Atoosa Nikaeen practices Integrative Orthodontist, but is not an Osteopath or Kinesiologist.

The concept of the BWS™ is to progressively regain arch size and train the tongue to its correct position; the effects assists in the skeletal development of the upper arch

Dr. Nikaeen’s philosophies emphasize on the correlation of a healthy mouth, jaw and airways; science demonstrate that subtle changes in the mouth, jaws, and breathing have an organic effect in other areas of the body and mind.

The force of the tongue can be used in the treatment allowing the BWS™ to use very light forces

ALF is a gentle appliance, lingually placed (behind the teeth) and not easily visible

Compatible with the myobrace function system – combines arch development with simultaneous myofunctional training





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