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6-Month Braces for Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills Orthodontist Patients

Want a fast, affordable way to get that million dollar smile? Dr Nikaeen’s six month braces may be the answer.
As the name implies, 6-Month Braces is an orthodontic treatment that can usually be carried out and completed in just half a year.

While braces are now very common practice among children, there are adults who never had a chance to correct their teeth when they were younger. Dr. Nikaeen often meets with adult patients who spent years being conscious every time they laughed, smiled or even just talked. Whether your teeth are crowded, overlapped or have gaps, any problem can be rectified. Regardless of your age, you can achieve perfect teeth. What’s more, it can be done very quickly using the latest techniques.

Six Months Braces combines the latest orthodontic materials and technologies to align your teeth quickly, safely and effectively.

This revolutionary technology allows you to get the smile you always wanted in the shortest time possible.

While you may think that to achieve much in such a short period the force on the teeth must be excessively high, the technique used by Dr. Nikaeen actually utilizes low force and ensures that you do not feel pain & minimize discomfort.

The braces themselves are clear and cannot be seen. This ensures that any concerns you may have about your appearance for the duration of the course are settled. In addition, patients typically only need to come in for appointments around once a month for fifteen to thirty minutes, making little difference to your hectic and busy lifestyle.

With 6-month braces, you can get straighter teeth in less time. Call Nikaeen Orthodontics at (310) 444-1113 or email us to schedule your free initial consultation in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica.

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