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Speaking With Invisalign & Lingual Braces – Tips to Reduce Speech Impediments

Some patients may experience minor speech problems during the first two weeks or so of getting acclimated to new dental appliances. Palatal Expanders, Lingual Braces and Invisalign are some of the most common dental appliances that may inhibit speech. The patient who is wearing these types of dental appliances may develop a slight lisp or have...


Braces and the Temptation of Halloween Candy LA

Halloween is a wonderful time of the year in which adults and children alike can get creative with costumes, hair and makeup. However, Halloween also means the temptation of candy is around every corner. The sugar content in these treats is not good for oral health and certain consistencies such as taffy and caramel are...


Looking for the best Invisalign doctor in Beverly Hills?

Not blessed with a perfect smile from birth? Me neither. Think braces do not look good on you? They probably do not a good look on anyone.You came to the right place to start your research about Invisalign. If you’re researching into Invisalign, you’ve probably already thrown the idea of hardware braces out the window,...