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Not blessed with a perfect smile from birth? Me neither. Think braces do not look good on you? They probably do not a good look on anyone.You came to the right place to start your research about Invisalign.

If you’re researching into Invisalign, you’ve probably already thrown the idea of hardware braces out the window, which is totally fine since these days more and more people are seeking out Invisalign to help straighten their teeth. To start, let’s discuss what Invisalign is. Invisalign is actually a procedure that consists of a series of invisible removable aligners. After a certain instructed period of time, you get a new tray of aligners that will gradually move and shift your teeth day by day to help straighten them out. The aligners work like braces except they’re more comfortable, hygienic, and way more subtle! You can totally avoid those horror stories of people getting food bits perpetually stuck in their braces, as well as save yourself from getting tagged in about a year’s worth of unflattering pictures.

Now that you know for sure you want to fix up your smile with Invisalign, where do you start? Well, first things first: where should you go to get the work done? Let’s talk basic information. To begin with, make sure the orthodontist you choose is certified and has been in the field of dentistry for an extensive period of time. What do I mean by that? Make sure his or her knowledge is credible, which can be proven with doctorates, certificates, honors, and diplomas. All orthodontists in the U.S. should be legally credible, but it never hurts to check it out for yourself. Another thing you want to look into is how long he or she has practiced dentistry. It’s usually on the website, but in case it’s not, contact the office and ask directly. The last thing to read into is the patient testimonials. These patients have gone through what you’re about to go into and what better place to prepare yourself than to read it directly from these patients?

I think my next point is something a lot of people don’t realize could potentially be a problem until later – scheduling flexibilities that is! You’re probably working 9 to 5 on weekdays and unless you let your manager know you have an appointment a week in advance, you probably won’t be able to make it to your scheduled appointment. If you have a pretty strict schedule, make sure your Invisalign provider has flexible hours and even offer weekend appointments.

The third thing you want to look further into when choosing an Invisalign provider is to make sure the dental facility is state of the art and that the orthodontist is backed with a highly trained staff. You should go visit the facility before committing to it to see if you’re comfortable with the staff and the environment. After all, you will be putting your teeth in their hands! Go to the facility ready with any additional questions, concerns, fears, or if you just want to talk and get to know them.

With all this being said, all of these qualities and points are satisfied with me, a local Los Angeles orthodontist. I have completed my post-doctoral education in orthodontics at the prestigious Columbia University School of Dentistry and Oral Surgeons, in New York, and had also received an orthodontic specialty certificate. Since, I have had plenty of experience with dentistry and my patients appreciate the work I had done to improve their smiles. Besides satisfying the aforementioned points I have laid out, I continuously stay up to date with latest dental and orthodontic advances by attending and continuing educational courses and researching into relevant professional journals. I believe I can be the orthodontist who will help you reach your goals of achieving a great set of teeth for the rest of your life. For more information, you can contact me and my office at (310) 444-1113. Good luck, a great smile is within reach!

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