3 Reasons Not to Take Orthodontic Care Into Your Own Hands

Beverly Hills, CA – Do-it-yourself (DIY) orthodontics is increasing in popularity. Yes, you read that right. People are trying to straighten their teeth themselves without the help of a trained and licensed orthodontist. Even though it should be obvious, these are the reasons why you should never engage in DIY orthodontic care.


#1: Shortcuts Seldom Work

 No matter what shortcuts you’ve taken in life, you can probably attest to the fact that there were some drawbacks. While you may have been able to get what you needed, it likely didn’t end up as well as you wished. Or, it took much longer to achieve those results because the shortcut didn’t really save you much time. Your outcome could be the same with DIY orthodontic care, and could even be more devastating than you’ve experienced in the past. This could cause you to require additional orthodontic care, which will, in turn, require much more of a financial investment.

#2: Orthodontics Is Intricate, Fragile Work

 Straightening one’s teeth takes a lot of know-how and some very specific tools. It is also delicate work that requires a steady hand and lots of patience. Trying to get around the cost of orthodontic work by doing it yourself with household items is usually unlikely to work, and in many cases, can be dangerous.

#3: You May Damage Your Smile

Many individuals who attempt DIY orthodontics at home experience severe problems with their teeth in the long run. Many people who have attempted this option are difficult to fix, even by professionals.

According to Dr. Nikaeen, an orthodontist in Santa Monica, CA, “It’s always a shame when I see patients who take on their own orthodontic care and end up damaging their smile beyond repair. It’s a hard lesson to learn.”

Don’t Risk Your Oral Health with DIY Orthodontics

 There are many things you can do yourself at home for less money, but in an age of DIY YouTube videos and blogger how-tos, many people forget there are certain things that they shouldn’t mess with, such as orthodontic care. Leave orthodontic work to the professionals, as they have studied and worked hard for many years to understand exactly how to care for your teeth.

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