What are the options when it comes to braces for adults?

When aiming for that beautiful grin, age becomes just a number. Adults who may not have had the opportunity to get braces during their teenage years or those experiencing teeth shifting can now explore a range of orthodontic alternatives tailored to their requirements. A captivating smile holds significance, and that’s precisely why Nikaeen Orthodontics, a well-known orthodontist in Los Angeles, offers a variety of braces designed specifically for adults.

What are Braces?

When achieving that perfect smile, age is just a number. Braces, a tried-and-true orthodontic solution, can transform the alignment of teeth regardless of one’s age. Adults who missed out on braces during their teenage years or those experiencing shifting teeth can now benefit from various orthodontic options tailored to their needs. At Nikaeen Orthodontics, a leading Los Angeles orthodontist, we understand the significance of a confident smile, and that’s why we offer a range of braces specifically designed for adults.

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Braces typically include the following components:

Brackets connect to each tooth’s front (or rear with lingual braces) using small, frequent metal attachments. Anchors secure the archwire and other orthodontic components to the brackets.

An archwire, a thin and flexible wire, connects the brackets. Throughout the procedure, it applies the necessary pressure to align teeth.

Elastics or ligatures, like rubber bands, metal ties, or other fasteners, hold the archwire to the brackets. They come in various colours and influence the movement of teeth.

Patients often need to wear retainers after completing the active phase of braces treatment. Retainers help maintain the new tooth positions and prevent them from shifting back. Retainers can be either removable or fixed behind the teeth.

Options when it comes to braces for adults?

Regarding orthodontic treatment, adults now have many options to achieve a straighter and healthier smile. At Nikaeen Orthodontics, a trusted Los Angeles orthodontist, we understand that adults have unique preferences and requirements when it comes to braces. Let’s explore the different options available:

Orthodontics has relied on traditional metal braces as the standard treatment for a long time. These braces consist of metal brackets attached to the fronts of the teeth, along with a metal archwire connecting them. Modern metal braces have improved visual appeal, functionality, and comfort compared to their predecessors while remaining the most conspicuous option.

Ceramic braces offer a discreet alternative to conventional metal braces. They use brackets and archwires that are clear or tooth-coloured, blending in with the teeth and being less noticeable. This option is particularly favoured by adults seeking effective treatment without drawing excessive attention to their orthodontic journey.

For those seeking the utmost in discreet orthodontics, lingual braces are an excellent choice. Affixed to the teeth’ lingual (back) surfaces, these braces are nearly invisible when you smile. Our office proudly provides Incognito lingual braces, custom-fitted to match the specific curves of your teeth, ensuring excellent treatment while remaining unnoticed.

Invisalign’s introduction of clear aligners has brought a revolutionary shift in orthodontic treatment. This method employs a series of personalized, removable aligners to shift teeth into their ideal positions progressively. The nearly undetectable Invisalign aligners can be easily removed for eating, brushing, and flossing. They are highly popular among working adults due to their flexibility and convenience.

Self-ligating braces are a contemporary orthodontic innovation that provides various advantages. A novel technology makes these braces unnecessary with typical elastic or metal ties. Reduced friction, fewer adjustment visits, and maybe shorter treatment periods can result from this. Adults like self-ligating braces for their effectiveness and comfort.

Clear braces offer a compromise between ceramic and conventional metal braces. They provide excellent treatment while retaining a more covert appearance by using clear or tooth-coloured materials for the brackets and archwires. Adults who like the advantages of braces without the overtly metallic appearance may find clear braces appealing.

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Don’t allow your age to hinder achieving the smile you’ve always wanted. Thanks to the numerous orthodontic treatments available today, adults can confidently start their path to a straighter and healthier smile. Our reliable Los Angeles orthodontist at Nikaeen Orthodontics is committed to providing specialized treatments tailored to your needs and preferences. Contact us immediately to schedule a consultation and initiate the journey to attain the smile you’ve always dreamt of.


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