Crowded Teeth LA

Crowded teeth occur when there is insufficient room in the jaw for the permanent teeth to grow in. The result is literally a crowding of teeth, causing them to twist and turn in odd configurations. Sometimes crowded teeth will result in impaction, other times they will just shift the position of existing teeth. Teeth crowding can become a serious issue as it interferes with proper teeth function and prevents thorough cleaning. Those with crowded teeth are at an increased risk of tooth decay and contracting gum diseases. To correct crowded teeth, you may require a jaw expansion or tooth extraction to make room for all the teeth; braces or Invisalign are usually necessary to realign and stabilize the teeth after initial treatment.

Crowded Teeth

The opposite problem is known as spacing, when the teeth take up less than the ideal amount of space in the jaw, leaving open gaps. Visually unattractive, gaps in teeth can often be very distracting in conversation and make for unsightly open smiles. Usually very simple to fix, dental spacing problems can generally corrected using braces or Invisalign.
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