Impacted & Missing Teeth LA

Tooth impaction is a condition in which a tooth does not fully emerge out of the bone or gum. It is often the case with “wisdom teeth”, although impaction can occur with other teeth as well. Whether the condition occurs during childhood or at the transition from baby teeth to permanent adult teeth, if left untreated it can lead to serious dental problems. When a tooth does not emerge properly, it can affect other teeth, resulting in severe pain and very noticeable deformities. If you are in the midst of tooth impaction, contact Dr. Nikaeen as soon as possible to have the problem resolved. We only have one set of teeth after losing our baby teeth, therefore it is important to take good care of them — a beautiful smile is a healthy smile.
Another very common dental issue is one or more permanently missing teeth due to trauma or congenitally missing teeth that often originate in genetic or environmental development factors. A missing tooth is often very noticeable and leads to an unappealing smile. It also alters the normal function of your teeth, which may go on to result in more problems with chewing and tooth position. Braces are often used to close up more gaps, but tooth replacements are also very common and highly effective.
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