Overbite LA

An overbite occurs when your upper, front teeth protrude over your lower, front teeth. Usually, there is no contact between these upper and lower teeth, with the lower teeth often not visible.

Overbite is the result of an overgrowth of your upper jaw or a flaring of your upper teeth. Usually, it is accompanied by insufficient lower-jaw growth or a short, lower jaw. Overbite also is referred to as a Deep bite.

Timely correction of an overbite is recommended because it can cause:

Improper functioning of your front teeth

The lower front teeth biting into the upper-palate’s gum tissue, creating additional gum problems

Unusual wear to your lower front teeth

Jaw or facial joint problems

An unattractive smile

Actual Patient of Dr. Atossa Nikaeen
Actual Patient of Dr. Atossa Nikaeen


Overbites can be corrected using orthodontic braces that move the front teeth back and bring the lower jaw forward to create proper alignment.

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