Overjet in Los Angeles

An overjet, or a protrusion of the teeth, describes a dental condition in which the lower teethare too far behind the upper front teeth. Often confused with an overbite, an overjet refers to a measurement of the distance, or space, between the edges of the upper incisors and lower incisors. In contrast, an overbite, describes a condition where the top teeth cover, or obscure, the bottom teeth when you bite down. With a properly aligned bite, the bottom teeth should be visible when biting down.

An overjet may be attributed to several anatomical characteristics:

An improper alignment of the molars

Missing teeth in the lower jaw (mandibular deficiencies)

An imbalance of the upper and lower jaw bones

Flared upper incisors

In addition to mandibular deficiencies, behaviors and habits–such as thumb or finger sucking and tongue thrusting–can contribute to the development of an overjet bite.


Treatment Options for Overjet Teeth

In some individuals, an overjet may not present immediate problems, such as the joint and muscle pain related to TMJ. However, Dr. AtoosaNikaeen highly recommends overjet correction with orthodontics–even if the condition does not seem to cause any obvious issues. When left untreated, an overjet can accelerate wear on the teeth and impair proper dental function.The extent of orthodontic treatment needed to correct an overjet bite depends on the severity of the condition and individual anatomy.

Commonly, an overjet is related to some deficiency in jaw development. In these cases, orthodontic treatment may be accompanied by tooth extractions or tooth replacements to correct a jaw deficiency and adjust the dental arches. With extractions, the goal is to shorten the maxillary arch; with tooth replacement, the objective is to lengthen the mandibular arch by creating spaces where the missing teeth should have been.

For optimal results, combination of orthodontics and orthognathic surgery may be recommended. During surgery, the upper teeth will be repositioned for the best aesthetic effect.

Overjet Correction with Dr. Nikaeen, LA

An overjet is more than a cosmetic concern; the condition is associated with functional problems that can cause significant discomfort, such as TMJ. If you live in the greater LA metropolitan area, including Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, and would like to know how orthodontics can perfect your smile, please call our office at (310) 444-1113 or send an email to schedule your free initial consultation.


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