Orthodontic treatment for Thumb Sucking Habit

We all know that babies are born with a reflex of sucking any object placed in their mouth. Thumb sucking habits have generally no long term ill-effects in early childhood. Normally children give up their habit of thumb sucking between 2-4 years of age. If thumb sucking continues more than this age it can cater to the normal growth of the jaws and can also create a misalignment of the front teeth. Some of the common problems of thumb sucking habit are:

  • Protrusive upper front teeth – This is just a normal tooth position problem, where the upper front teeth are pointed forward. This can affect the formation of the jaw and lead to the protruding of the upper jaw and teeth from the face.
  • Tipped back lower front teethThumb sucking habit can lead to the tipping of the lower incisors towards the tongue due to the pressure of thumb forces.
  • Open biteWhen the back teeth bite together, the upper and lower front teeth don’t happen to meet. The opening shape between the lower and upper front teeth matches the child’s thumb exactly.
  • CrossbiteWhen the child sucks his or her thumb it leads to flexing of the cheek muscles due to which the upper and the lower jaw don’t fit together properly.These problems require thumb sucking ortho treatment. If you want orthodontic solutions to thumb sucking for your kids, we at Nikaeen Orthodontics will provide you orthodontics for kids.

Orthodontic treatment options

The thumb sucking ortho treatment for your child will depend on the type of the issues they have developed due to their finger sucking habit. There may be some cases which would require the usage of plates or spacers which would help in the growth of the mouth in future and ensuring no dental problems. Some may also require the usage of metal braces or lingual braces for correcting crossbites and misalignment.

If you want orthodontic treatment for your child, book an appointment with us today and get orthodontic solutions to thumb sucking.

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