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Dr. Nikaeen to the rescue! Follow these tips to make sure first dates, which can be nerve-wrecking, are not effected by your dental wear. 

1. If you wear visible braces, do not feel shy. Smile at the beginning of your date and show your braces. Sooner or later your date will find out and it is better if you show confidence and openness. 

2. For those who use Invisalign, if you go to a restaurant, excuse yourself after you order. Once you are in the restroom, remove your tray and put it away in its case. Your date will not have to watch you take the tray out of your mouth.

3. If you love to wear bright lipstick colors, opt for a long-lasting, smudge-proof color. The last thing you want is lipstick smeared on your tray!

4. Planning to be kissed at the end of the night? remove your tray before the date ends. If the date went badly, leave your tray in. “Sorry… I’m wearing an Invisalign tray…” is a great excuse to not be kissed while still being polite!

The rest is up to the chemistry between you and your date! Have fun and good luck!

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