How to Keep Invisalign Clean

Los Angeles, CA– With the advent of the revolutionary technology known as Invisalign, millions of people worldwide can straighten their teeth in a virtually undetectable manner.

“While no orthodontics technology is superior to another, it’s been so wonderful treating patients with Invisalign,” says Los Angeles-area orthodontist, Dr. Atoosa Nikaeen. “We can effectively straighten their teeth without most people ever noticing. Furthermore, patients aren’t faced with many of the challenges that come with maintaining dental hygiene, since patients can remove the aligners to brush and floss!”

Invisalign clean

Tips on Cleaning Invisalign Trays

“One common question I’m asked by patients is how to best clean their Invisalign trays,” notes Dr. Nikaeen. “I typically give some general advice to help people properly clean and maintain their aligners for the duration of their treatment.”

  • Brush the aligners. It’s as simple as getting a toothbrush and a tiny dollop of toothpaste and brushing all parts of the trays. This means patients should brush the inner and outer surfaces, being careful not to miss any spots.
    • With toothpaste: For simplicity’s sake, using a small amount of toothpaste can help clean the aligners, but some people have found that toothpaste causes tiny abrasions on the plastic.
    • Without toothpaste: Brushing with a wet toothbrush alone can keep the trays clean, but so can different solutions.
  • Clean with homemade solutions. If toothpaste is causing damage to the aligners, the following solutions can be used for cleaning purposes as well:
    • Hydrogen peroxide: Mix warm (not hot) water with equal parts hydrogen peroxide (a 50%-50% split) and soak aligners for 30 minutes. Rinse aligners in warm water afterward. This solution will not remove plaque, but it will remove bacteria.
    • Vinegar: Mix equal parts white distilled vinegar and warm (not hot) water, then soak trays for at least 15 minutes, up to 30. Afterward, rinse the trays in warm water and brush them gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush. This solution will rid of both bacteria and plaque, and the vinegar smell will disappear quickly.
    • Baking soda: A tablespoon or two of baking soda can be added to the hydrogen peroxide solution to remove slight discoloration. If discoloration persists, baking soda can be used multiple times to restore the original clarity of the aligners.

Other Important Notes for a Good Outcome

 No matter which method of cleaning the Invisalign trays is used, it is crucial to brush AND floss teeth while the aligners are out of the mouth. This will prevent plaque and bacteria from getting trapped between the teeth and aligners. Thus, when aligners are removed for cleaning, both they AND the bare teeth should be thoroughly cleaned.

Finally, as always, it’s important to consult with a dental professional about care and maintenance of all dental devices. An orthodontist can provide additional information about how to achieve adequate home care for the best outcome possible.

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