Orthodontic Treatment Can Provide Health and Other Important Benefits

A beautiful smile not only improves one’s appearance but is also very important for general health and well-being. Modern dentistry now includes orthodontic therapy from a skilled orthodontist in Los Angeles, which focuses on repositioning crooked teeth and irregularities in the jaw. Local business Nikaeen Orthodontics, a reputable name in the industry, is dedicated to altering smiles and enhancing oral health in our neighbourhood.

What is Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic care is a specialized area of dentistry that focuses on identifying, avoiding, and treating dental and facial anomalies, especially those that involve the position of the teeth and jaws. A beautiful, aesthetically pleasing smile and a healthy, functional bite are the main objectives of orthodontic therapy.

When receiving orthodontic treatment, teeth are moved into the proper places, alignment issues are fixed, and a harmonic relationship between the teeth and jaws is created. Dental specialists, and orthodontists, who have additional education and training to specialize in this area, provide the therapy.

 Los Angeles, CA – Men, women, and children look forward to wearing braces and having a straight and healthy smile to show after orthodontic treatment is complete. While taking pride in one’s appearance is important, many people may not realize that braces and other orthodontic treatments, such as Invisalign, also deliver additional health benefits.

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Los Angeles orthodontist Dr Atoosa Nikaeen points to several life-changing aspects – physical and emotional – that braces can deliver to the average patient. She said, “While orthodontic treatment can help patients achieve better aesthetics, braces, self-ligating braces (Damon Braces), and Invisalign also improves a person’s health in some very important ways. Not many patients realize this until they come in for a consultation.”

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. Nikaeen is a major proponent of patient education and does her best to inform patients of how teeth alignment through braces or Invisalign can lead to a healthier mouth and body. These include:

  1. Improved Dental Health: When teeth grow crooked or overlap, it creates tight contact between teeth that may act as traps for food particles. When food debris collects in these areas, daily oral habits like swishing, brushing and flossing may not remove all collected food – this can lead to plaque buildup and eventually cavities.
  2. Lower Risk of Gum Disease: Flossing can be near impossible when teeth are too crowded. If the floss can’t reach the gum line, the person may be at risk for gum disease. Patients who wear braces are able to brush and floss thoroughly, keeping teeth free of cavities while keeping periodontal disease at bay. Dental exams and cleanings will also be more efficient, saving time and money.
  3. Prevent Bone Resorption: The bones in our jaws require the right amount of pressure as we speak and chew. When teeth are misaligned, an imbalanced bite can cause too much force in certain areas, which may result in jaw bone resorption (shrinking). Wearing braces and engaging in treatments like Invisalign can ensure the proper amount of pressure and balance to keep the jaw bones as healthy as possible.
  4. More Clear Speech: Several factors can affect a person’s speech. Not only are the vocal cords important, but tongue movement, positioning, and teeth placement can also alter speech. If a person’s teeth are pushed too far forward or too far back, it can cause speech impediments like lisps. Moving teeth into alignment with orthodontic treatment can improve a person’s diction, which gives them more confidence to speak up, not only in personal relationships but also professionally, such as during presentations or employment interviews.
  5. Better Nutrition and Digestion: Crooked teeth and bad bites can make chewing difficult, which can affect your digestion. Few realize that digestion occurs first in the mouth, as thoroughly chewing food can help the body break down particles to extract the most vitamins and nutrients from our meals. When teeth are aligned, chewing becomes more efficient, which enables the body to obtain the necessary nutrients and prevents disorders such as anaemia.
  6. Fewer Dental Injuries: Misaligned teeth are more likely to break or fracture during accidents. Crooked or jagged smiles can irritate the cheeks and tongue when speaking and eating. Orthodontic treatment to straighten one’s smile can protect teeth from trauma, even in minor accidents.
  7. Prevent Bad Habits and Jaw Pain: A person’s jaw joints may attempt to self-correct in order to help teeth fit together. Over time, this can cause pain in the jaw, as well as headaches and jaw popping. The person may select to alleviate these jaw-associated discomforts with repeated over-the-counter medication; habitual consumption of these remedies can present health risks for the patient. Straighter teeth will fit together as they should, alleviating pain and discouraging the individual from unnecessarily using anti-inflammatory drugs.

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Orthodontic care offers many health advantages that can considerably enhance your quality of life in addition to helping you have a beautiful smile. For all of your orthodontic requirements, rely on Nikaeen Orthodontics. You can get a healthier, more self-assured grin with their knowledge and dedication to patient care that lasts a lifetime.
A healthier and happier future is something you can invest in by getting orthodontic treatment. Schedule a consultation at Nikaeen Orthodontics immediately to begin your journey to a better smile and improved general health. Keep in mind that a smile is a window into your well-being as well as a representation of your happiness.


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