What to Expect During the First Week of Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is perfect if you want to improve the look of your smile. Not only is it effective, but the aligner is clear, so most people won’t even know you’re straightening your teeth.

The Difference Between Braces and Invisalign

Treatment isn’t the same for Invisalign as it is for braces. Since you need to remove the aligners when you eat, brush and floss your teeth, it’s important that you know how to use them properly so that treatment will be effective. The following will help you know what to expect.

Speaking Difficulties

You must wear Invisalign 20-22 hours a day. During the first week, you may have a difficult time speaking. You may speak with a lisp, but this slight speech impediment is only temporary. All you need to do is practice talking with the aligners in your mouth, and your speech will return to normal as you mouth gets used to wearing them.

Possible Discomfort

Most people do experience some discomfort at first. You may feel some soreness because the aligners are actively moving your teeth. After a week, the discomfort should subside.

You may also find it a challenge putting the aligners in your mouth and taking them out, but that’s only because you are still getting used to the feel of them. You shouldn’t have as much trouble after about a week.

Establishing Good Cleaning Habits

It’s best to establish good cleaning habits right from the start with Invisalign. Whenever you brush your teeth, clean the aligners thoroughly. You may forget or not feel like doing it at first, but after about a week, it will become second nature.

Call for Reassurance

The aligners will be new to you. Don’t hesitate to call your orthodontist if something doesn’t seem quite right. As you go through the first few days of wearing the aligners, you’ll begin to feel much more comfortable, and you won’t have as many questions.

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