Band Practice and Orthodontics: Can You Play Wind Instruments with Braces?

Los Angeles, CA – Playing a wind instrument in the band takes a certain amount of practice and skill. So it can be difficult for some teens to learn that they will be fitted with braces.

Some may be concerned that the braces and wires could affect their ability to play. Others may be more worried they won’t be able to play at all and may have to quit the band.

Dr. Atoosa Nikaeen of Nikaeen Orthodontics in Los Angeles has worked with many patients who continued to play various wind instruments while wearing braces. She recommends that the key is to learn how to make the necessary adjustments needed to reduce pressure on the teeth while playing.

Different types of wind instruments may need varying tactics to help musicians adjust to playing with braces.

Woodwind instruments: Clarinet, oboe, and saxophone players may find it easier to adjust to playing while wearing braces than if they were playing other types of instruments. As the area on the teeth where the braces are fitted don’t come into contact with the mouthpiece, only minor adjustments are needed to continue playing with ease.

However, musicians who play the flute or piccolo may need to make adjustments in order to reduce pressure on the teeth and lower lip while playing. This can be achieved by increasing airflow and keeping the corners of the mouth tight during play.

Brass instruments: Musicians playing brass instruments may find it most challenging to adjust to wearing braces. Brass instruments with larger mouthpieces, such as the tuba, may be a little less challenging to adjust to while wearing braces. The larger mouthpiece doesn’t need quite as much mouth pressure as other types of brass instruments, so only minor adjustments should be needed in order to keep playing comfortably with braces.

However, playing the trumpet or French horn may require the most adjustment of all, as they have small mouthpieces that put pressure on the teeth when playing. Players will need to reduce pressure on the teeth by increasing airflow and tightening the mouth corners.

Dr. Nikaeen reminds musicians that there is just as much adjustment needed after the orthodontics are removed. After making adjustments and learning to play around wearing braces, it can take a bit of time to learn to adjust back to playing with smooth teeth again.

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