Getting Through Holiday Feasts with Ultra-Clean Clear Braces

Los Angeles, CA – Having clear braces to straighten your teeth is a big step towards creating a healthy, beautiful smile. Unlike Invisalign, which is made of plastic, clear braces are made of ceramic and are designed to blend with your teeth color, so the only real evidence that you’re having your teeth straightened is the metal archwires running between each bracket.

To a casual observer, clear braces look more like a thin retainer band across your teeth. However, if you have remnants of your holiday feast caught between your braces or under the wires, it can be embarrassing.

Clean Clear Braces Los Angeles

Each type of orthodontic hardware comes with its own challenges for cleaning and care, especially with some of the Invisalign attachments available. Depending on your orthodontic needs, you may need to worry about brackets, expanders, wires, bands, elastics, screws or springs, all of which can trap food particles in plain sight easily.

Rather than risk your holiday feast getting wedged in between your braces, take some time to ensure you keep up with some simple tips and tricks to ensure your smile stays clean.

Tip 1: Rinse with Water

Always rinse your mouth with water after eating food that is likely to get trapped in your braces. The water may dislodge some pieces and make it easier to keep them clean.

Tip 2: Brush after Meals

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush your teeth after eating. If you’re attending a holiday feast away from home, find a way to safely carry your oral care needs with you discreetly in your purse or bag. Simply excuse yourself from the conversation and take a moment to brush your teeth after eating to remove any food remnants from under your braces.

Tip 3: Floss after Meals

Some food can get trapped between your teeth, which can be difficult to remove with brushing or rinsing alone. Use a floss threader to ensure you’re cleaning your braces properly and not leaving anything behind.

Tip 4: Oral Irrigation

If you’re feasting at home, you might find it easier to use a specific oral irrigation system to help keep your teeth clean and remove any food debris. These systems are designed to push water into hard-to-reach areas around braces and between teeth to remove bacteria, acids, and leftover food.

It’s relatively easy to find at-home oral irrigation systems from drugstores or from major retail chains. Just be sure you still continue to brush and floss regularly as well.

The key to keeping your clear braces clean throughout your holiday feasts is to be prepared with cleaning measures in advance. You’ll find it much easier to maintain a healthy smile, no matter what you’re eating.

To learn more about proper care for clear braces this holiday season, contact Los Angeles Orthodontist Dr. Atoosa Nikaeen at (310) 444-1113. Whether you’re in Los Angeles or Santa Monica, take some time to discuss how teeth straightening clear braces can enhance your smile and boost your confidence.

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