Do Invisalign Trays Smell Bad?

Many patients are concerned with the Invisalign trays’ hygienity. The Invisalign tray itself does not have a smell. Being in your mouth all day and night is what will cause it to smell bad. Plaque can build up on the trays (the same way it builds up on teeth), and eating/drinking with the trays on, improper teeth brushing and tray cleaning all contribute to tray odor.

You won’t notice the smell until you remove your tray from your mouth. Proper oral hygiene and regular cleaning of your device will help minimize any odor you may notice upon removal.

Here are some tips to minimize tray odor, and ensure the best overall health for your teeth as you undergo your teeth straightening treatment:

  • NEVER EAT ANYTHING with the trays on – If you wish to snack,  remove the Invisalign tray, eat, and then BRUSH teeth, and CLEAN tray prior to returning tray to mouth (this goes for drinking anything other than water as well).
  • Every time you remove your aligners, rinse them thoroughly under water to remove plaque and saliva. After rinsing the aligners, you should store them in a closed container or glass of water until you’re ready to put them back in.
  • Try the Invisalign cleaning kit or a gentle denture cleanser to sanitize and clean your aligners. It’s typically easiest to soak the aligners in one of these cleaners during a meal, as you’ll have to remove the braces anyway. Use a cleaner once in the mornings and once in the evenings for the best results. If you notice any clouding, discoloration, or scratches on your aligners, discontinue use of the cleaner and ask your dentist for an alternative cleaning solution.
  • Brush your aligners before putting them back in. Use your toothbrush and water to brush the aligners in the same way that you would brush your teeth. Generally, you should avoid toothpaste, as it can scratch the aligners or leave etchings in them – however, some toothpastes are safe for use on your Invisalign braces (ask when you come in).

Remember: Even if you don’t think your Invisalign tray smells bad you still have to clean it regularly in order to keep aligners clean and clear and teeth strong and healthy.

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