3 Tips to Flossing with Braces LA

It is important to realize that when you have braces, flossing is still a vital part of maintaining healthy oral care. If you have braces, it does not mean you can stop flossing. If anything, flossing becomes more essential because food particles are more likely to get stuck in the braces, bands and wires. It can increase your chances of cavities if the food that gets stuck contains sugars. Flossing will provide you with better results when the braces are removed.

There are three simple tips to follow when flossing with braces:

  1. Use waxed floss rather than unwaxed floss as that has a higher chance of getting caught and shred in your braces. Be sure to use enough floss as well. It is recommended that you use about 18 inches of floss as that should be an adequate amount for proper flossing.
  2. When threading around braces, take the floss and thread under the main wire and then floss in between two teeth. Remove the floss and continue with this process for all remaining teeth. Be gentle when flossing between teeth, moving carefully up and down. Flossing with braces may be more difficult and time consuming than with bare teeth, but the end results will be worth it.
  3. Try to incorporate flossing into your daily dental care routine. This will help to keep your teeth looking better and your overall oral health much better than if you don’t. If you do not floss, your chances of developing unhealthy gums increase and in extreme cases lead to the loss of teeth. If you are dealing with sensitive or bleedings gums, do not steer away from flossing as it actually helps to prevent gums from bleeding. It is never too late to begin flossing.

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