Main Causes for Tooth Crowding LA

Having crooked teeth, which are also referred to as crowding, can interfere with chewing, cause discomfort, and even alter speech. Cleaning the teeth becomes a more grueling and arduous task when crowded teeth hide parts of the tooth that cannot be properly reached.

Crowding is something that many dental patients deal with. Genetics is not all there is to blame. One cause is a small mouth, leading to the shifting of teeth to occur. When the mouth is too small, there is less space, making the teeth more susceptible to crowd.

Another cause of crowding comes from the upper or lower jaws not being of the same size. This can cause either an overbite or under bite. The spacing of your teeth and the overall alignment of your teeth can be hereditary. The tooth shape, size, and jaw size is also effected by the genes you inherited from your parents and their families.

Crowding can also be the result of early tooth loss due to cavities and periodontal disease. The overall health of the teeth and gums is due in part to how you take care of them. That’s good news! Teeth alignment is inherited, bad oral care habits are not. So make sure to always brush properly, floss, maintain a healthy diet, and visit a dentist regularly to prevent any dental disease.

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