How Adult Braces Differ

Having an aligned smile is beneficial both aesthetically and for your dental health. People with an aligned smile have positive social benefits as good teeth are perceived positively. Straight teeth can also help prevent tooth decay and other harmful dental issues. So, let’s look at how adult braces differ.

How Adult Braces Differ

Braces are a great option to address both issues and improve your smile. While they are often associated with adolescence, adults can utilize the treatment option as well. Below you will find helpful information on how adult braces differ.

Considerations for Adult Braces Treatment

Over 4 million people in the United States have braces and roughly 25% of those people are adults. More adults are getting braces due to the major benefits of the results. Braces essentially operate the same for adults. However, there are some factors your orthodontist will consider when determining if braces are right for you.

As you age, your teeth and jaw no longer shift and are more solidified. This can impact the duration of treatment. Most patients wear braces between one to two years. For adults, your treatment time may be longer. This can be due to the type of malocclusion you have, the complexity of the movements that need to be made during treatment, and the extent to which your jaw alignment needs to shift.

Benefits of Adult Braces

Having a straight smile is something desired at any age. If you are considering adult braces in Los Angeles, there are a variety of benefits.

  • Improved Smile: An aligned jaw and teeth can help you feel more confident in your smile. Braces are an effective way to improve your smile aesthetically.
  • Dental Health: Crooked teeth can place you at a higher risk for tooth decay and other harmful dental issues. This is because crooked teeth create additional hard-to-reach places that your dental floss and toothbrush may not be able to reach. Tooth decay is harmful for your oral health, in addition to your overall health.
  • Digestion: Sometimes dental issues can cause issues with chewing. This ultimately can impact your digestion. An aligned jaw and teeth can help you chew more easily which aids in proper digestion.
  • Speech: Crooked teeth, gaps, and alignment issues can cause issues with your speech. This can impact your confidence and result in you talking less. Braces can help restore your confidence so you feel comfortable speaking.

Braces Treatment

If you are considering braces, contact the top orthodontist in Los Angeles. The process begins with a consultation where the orthodontist will determine if you are a good candidate. You can also discuss your expectations at this appointment. Once it has been determined that you are a good candidate, the next appointment involves placing the braces on your teeth. This visit will take some time, so plan on spending the morning or afternoon at the dentist. Your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned before the brackets are placed on your teeth with bonding glue. A wire is then placed around your brackets and secured by rubber bands. If you are worried about the look of braces, consider ceramic braces as they are slightly more discreet.

After your initial appointment you’ll need to attend maintenance and adjustment appointments. These are short and should last no longer than a half-hour if everything is going smooth with your treatment. Most patients visit the dentist every 4 weeks during their treatment time. Treatment time varies from patient to patient, but many patients have braces on for between 18 to 24 months. Once your treatment is over, your braces will be removed and you’ll need to wear a retainer to maintain your results. If you are interested in adult braces, contact Invisibraces for a consultation today!

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