Do Braces Take Years?

Braces are an effective treatment that can dramatically improve the look of your smile. The treatment can help align your teeth, improve chewing and digestion, reduce the risk of tooth decay, improve speech impediments, and restore your confidence in your smile. Due to the major benefits of this treatment, you may wonder, do braces take years? Below you will find helpful information about treatment times, factors that impact your treatment timeline, and how to ensure your get your braces off as quickly as possible.

Do Braces Take Years?

The average treatment time for braces is between 6 months and 3 years, depending on your unique dental situation. The following factors can determine the duration of your treatment.

  • Teeth Alignment: Braces treatment may take longer depending on the status of your alignment issues when you begin. Those with crooked teeth, spaced too far apart, crowded, or even stick out can take longer than those who only need minor adjustments.
  • State of Your Bite: Addressing your bite is an important part of your treatment. Your bite is the way that your bottom and top teeth align. If you need to treat your bite, it can take more time as compared to only treating misaligned teeth.
  • Additional Orthodontic Needs: Sometimes braces treatment requires additional orthodontic tools. This can include rubber bands, palatal expanders, and headgear. If you need any of these additional tools, your braces treatment time will likely be longer.
  • Personal Timeline: Talk with your dentist about your treatment timeline and let them know your expectations. While they cannot put your personal preference above your orthodontic needs, they can consider it. If you have a big event you want your braces off for, talk with your orthodontist about a realistic treatment time so they are aware of any of your personal needs.

Tips to Stay on Your Braces Treatment Timeline

You have some control over your treatment timeline. Consider the following to ensure you stay on your proposed timeline.

  • Oral Care Routine: Maintain your oral care routine. It is highly important during your treatment as there are more hard-to-reach places for food and harmful bacteria to get into. Brush at least twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush for two minutes. Continue to floss at least once a day and rinse after you eat or drink anything (outside of water).
  • Attend All Dental Visits: During your treatment, you will need to regularly visit the dentist for adjustments and cleanings. Attend all of your appointments and don’t push them back if possible.
  • Follow Your Orthodontist’s Instructions: Your orthodontist in Los Angeles will likely give you additional instructions. It is important to follow these instructions as they can help ensure your treatment timeline stays on track.
  • Diet: Avoid sticky, crunchy, hard, or sugary foods. You should also stay away from sugary or carbonated drinks. These can increase your risk for tooth decay and also damage your braces.

Six Month Braces Treatment

The first step in braces treatment is setting up a consultation with an orthodontist. If you are interested in braces but want to have a short treatment timeline, consider six month braces in Los Angeles. The treatment option is effective in reducing your treatment time. Six month braces utilizes the latest orthodontic material and technologies to safely, quickly, and effectively improve your smile.

There are major benefits to six month braces as they are faster than traditional treatments and the aligners are clear and discreet. In addition, you only need to visit the dentist monthly for the duration of the treatment. The dental visits are short and you should be out of the office within 30 minutes. Contact Nikaeen Orthodontics today for a consultation!

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