Braces in College – Now’s the Time

Los Angeles, CA – You may be overwhelmed with the schoolwork ahead of you as you enter college, but there is never a better time to get braces.

As a college student, your education is a long-term investment for your career, so why not invest long-term in your mental and physical health? Read more about the benefits of orthodontic treatment while you are in college.

Long-Term Benefits of Braces

Having braces not only gives you a great smile for job interviews, but it also prevents future injuries and surgeries:

  • Your jaw will develop properly, and you’ll prevent future damage to your jaw joints.
  • You will avoid extraction of permanent teeth since your teeth will properly fit.
  • Your permanent teeth will be guided into their optimal position.
  • Your self-esteem will improve with a straighter smile.

Why Now is the Best Time

    • Your Body Is GrowingMost young adults’ bodies are growing in their teen years (of course, each person grows at different speeds), so correcting bite problems now will take less time than it will when your jaw stops growing as an adult.


    • Your College Schedule Is Ideal for AppointmentsYour treatment plan will be designed for your needs and around your availability.Most likely, you will go in for an appointment every 4-6 weeks. Your typical job will have you working 8-5, so you may need to take time off for your appointments. Instead, you can schedule your appointments with your orthodontist so the times do not interfere with your class schedule.
    • Build Confidence While You’re Job HuntingDid you know that teeth are important for first impressions?According to a recent study, 29% of participants said that the first aspect they notice about a person is their teeth. 45% perceived those with straight teeth to be more likely to get a job than those with crooked teeth, even if both had a similar skill set.


  • Braces Are Now Better Looking and Provide Treatment More QuicklyWith today’s technology, it is easier to fix your bite with less discomfort and better aesthetics. You now have more choices than traditional (metal) bracesclear (ceramic) braces and Invisalign both hide your braces by being clear or matching your tooth color.

For More Information

Don’t Wait – Make an appointment with your orthodontist to see the best treatment options for you and your busy college schedule.

Dr. Nikaeen is a specialist in the art of teeth movement, earning the Invisalign Elite Award in 2016. She believes that everyone, no matter their age, deserves a beautiful and healthy smile.

Please call the office at (310) 444-1113 or send an email to schedule your free initial consultation. We serve Southern California including Los Angeles (LA), Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica.

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