Perfect Smile, Perfect Day – Straighten Your Teeth Before the Wedding

Los Angeles Orthodontist Dr. Atoosa Nikaeen shares her expert advice on how you can have a perfect smile before your wedding day: “If you didn’t get your bite issues fixed as a child, or you didn’t wear your retainer, and now your teeth have relapsed, you can now fix your bite as an adult with less discomfort and better aesthetics.”

Perfect Smile For Your Wedding Day

Perfect Smile For Your Wedding Day

Quick Orthodontic Treatments

If you have mild overcrowding or spaces in your teeth, or if you have mild bite problems, there are orthodontic treatments that can take less than six months:

  • Invisalign Express often only takes 3 months to complete. Invisalign’s clear, comfortable trays are changed every two weeks at home, then the orthodontist will check your progress once a month.
  • Six Month Braces (as the name implies) takes 6 months for an adjusted smile. The braces are clear, and appointments are only once a month, so the process is quick and convenient.

Other Options for Quick Results

If you do not qualify for Invisalign Express or Six Month Braces, Dr. Nikaeen has some suggestions for accelerating treatment:

  • AcceleDent is an at-home device used with Invisalign or braces so that treatment time is cut in half.

AcceleDent is a battery-operated device that fits around braces or Invisalign. It sends micropulses that feel like vibrations to teeth and gums. You can use this device every day for a maximum of 20 minutes.

This procedure occurs in 5-10 minute sessions every 6-8 weeks. Bone movement is accelerated by increasing blood flow in tooth sockets.

A special drilling device makes micro-perforations in the alveolar bone (the bone that contains the tooth sockets). Your tissues heal faster, and your teeth will move quickly into their ideal position.

What You Can Do to Speed Up Treatment

Keep Your Mouth Healthy – Take care of your mouth at home because healthier teeth will correct faster. Avoid chewing ice cubes, biting your nails, or any other activities that put unnecessary pressure on teeth

Find the Right Orthodontist – Make sure your orthodontist is qualified and experienced in the procedure you require.

“Many family dentists offer Invisalign, but they are not trained specialists,” Dr. Nikaeen warns, “Any dentist can take a training course to receive authorization to offer Invisalign and can create treatment plans. “

Make sure your orthodontist is a specialist. Dr. Nikaeen spent two years at Columbia University to master Invisalign.

Next Steps:

  • Make an Appointment so your orthodontist can create the quickest treatment plan for your wedding day.
  • Check with your insurance company and talk to the orthodontist office about payment options. Many insurance companies cover orthodontic treatment for adults

You can schedule your free initial consultation with Dr. Nikaeen by sending an email or calling the office directly at 855-335-7200.

About Us: Dr. Nikaeen takes a conservative and detailed approach to orthodontics while incorporating the latest technology, which sets her apart from other orthodontists. She serves Southern California including Los Angeles (LA), Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica.

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